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Solar in Industries have a potential of reducing high overheads in industry. It is one if the best kind of investment which can be made. 
We are experienced in implementing solar system in big industries and government organizations. We have designed big solar plants in our past so you can expect quality work from us. We are available for small to big communities. Our design is lean and very neat. We will provide you with all information for example all estimates including energy consumption and production.

​Engineering Site Walk For Design

Our Engineering Team will perform a detailed engineering site walk. We will create a layout and a proposal according to the wish of the client for example where he wants the system to be and all the things which comes with the system. 

Electrical Engineering

We have sound Professional engineers with immense experience with solar systems to create design and working of solar system which is approved and appreciated by government for incentives and credits. 

There are many other important things which goes along the implementation of solar system such as inspection, connections, orientation of the system etc. Our team of engineers and representatives are been working in this industry for more than 15 years so you can expect there proficiency followed up with actual experience working with us.

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