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Here are the Standard steps for getting a solar system at home. Our team makes it crystal clear on every step as we go forward on them.  

We evaluate your roof and home to tell you best available options for you so that you can choose from them whatever you want wisely.Our representatives will give you results on what the outcome they got on their end and give you estimates of energy consumption and production.

Example of Shade Analysis Report (It is different for every home)


We would propose a design for your roof so that you get MAX Output from panels. Our team will come at your place and will install solar panels with all the other devices like inverters, optimizers for each panel etc at your roof as per the design you and us have decided. enrgy saving ecofriendly home


A Municipality representative will come at your place to look at the system and inspect if everything is good and working to get it going.


We would also install a meter which would give you information on how much electricity has been used and produced. It is called net meter. It has forward tracking and as well as backward tracking of energy. It would help you to evaluate your saving and credits you earn when you produce more than you have consumed.


Once the panels are on your roof they will need to be “plugged in” to your home. A licensed electrician from the PosiGen team will tie the panels into your home’s existing electrical system. 

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